#RoboStache is a 3D Printed faux mustache optimized for maximum visibility, interactivity and fun. The Arduino controlled, sensor fed, high bright programmable LED lit device facilitates common shared experiences amongst strangers,  experiences that build trust and foster an environment for sharing ideas. 


The SXSW 2015 edition of #RoboStache will serve as the focal point of walkabout brainstorming sessions around Austin during SXSW 2015 Interactive, Film and Music conferences. 


The FLUX(Forward Looking User Experience) moderated brainstorming methodology adapted for RoboStache sessions is responsible for over 60 patents in 60 months at Qualcomm Incorporated, and is now on offer for SXSW conference attendees to learn and enjoy. 



Anthony Blow:

For nearly 25 years, Anthony has served in engineering roles across several divisions of Qualcomm Incorporated, contributing innovative ideas and insights with patents granted in electronic and mechanical systems. Anthony currently lives and works in San Diego, Ca with his wife Cheryl, an educator.